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Video - Awesome new laser-tag guns!
2010 LMX Original - This film is an official LaserMaxx Lasergames Lasertag Film. For More information please visit our website: LaserMaxx introducing EVO-5 lasertag lasergame equipment. Multicolor LED lights The new EVO-5 system by LaserMaxx lasergames uses bright Multicolor LED lights highly visible true the transparent strong plastics. The LED's can be adapted in light exposure for inside and outside arenas. Up to 6 teams: With new RGB multicolor LED technology you can play up to 6 teams. The playable colors are Red, Green, Blue, Ocean, Yellow and Purple. Hit points: High quality microprocessor controlled Electronics. You can be hit on the front, rear, shoulders and gun. LED lights and electronic sensors makes you vest and gun vulnerable for shots from players. High Quality Sound System: A new design and newest digital speech technology, gives the player the real game feeling. High quality speakers on both shoulders give a good stereo sound around the player. Sound effects and digital voice commands give the player that what he needs to play. Continues Radio Communication Continues Radio Communication is active throughout the game, and gives you at all time accurate score information. Electronic sensors detects the accurate shots from other vests. Accuracy up to 35 mtr. Electronic sensors register a accurate and precisely placed shot form players around you. Your display informs you your hit point and player name you got hit by.
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